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Rooted in Growth:
The Foundation of MM

At Mika Misra, we are the architects of timeless digital experiences, inspired by the the resilence
and growth symbolized by tree rings. Our mission is to empower individuals and businesses
to embrace change and craft a lasting legacy in the digital world.

November, 2023

Cape Townian Slang -
Augmented Reality

An interactive, AR experience using data visualisation on Cape Townian Slang terms. I created with Adobe XD, for Digital Design.

April, 2023

Sir Fruit -
Product Design

'The Upliftment Bench', an innovative solution to bring communities together. A collaboration project with other degrees for my main module.

November, 2023

Bioteen Health -
Product packaging

A brand activation project for Bioteen Health. The company wanted to launch in the USA, targeting Gen Z as their target auidence.

June, 2023

Eskom -
Parody Adveryisement

A humurous advertising that intentionally exaggerates/ makes fun of Eskom and Carling Black Label (spoofing advertisement).

August, 2023

A dirtbike rider proverb

An application used to discover optimal routes tailored to a riders preferences, monitor their trails, and connect with fellow dirt biking enthusiasts.

June, 2023

Africology -
What is your skin story?

Developing a mobile microsite for Africology to enhance brand visibility and engage users through an exciting competition.