Sir Fruit

Product Design

Objectives From The Brief

In a collaborative group develop an innovative project poised for award recognition, targeting prestigious accolades such as The Loeries, Pendoring Award, or Creative Conscience Award.

My Concept

As a group we fell in love with the Sir fruit brand for their values and beliefs. In choosing a healthy brand with strong family values and care for the community, the campaign will engage viewers, and influence change through interactions and social experiences. We resonated with their belief in that positive change lies within the youth of South Africa and so, we created a youthful campaign which speaks to the importance of community connection and the upliftment this has on one another. Our campaign in centered around the message “We Rise Together” which aims to bring the community together in a positive light, whilst feeling welcomed into the Sir Juice family.

“We Rise Together” is a metaphor for the impact positive community spirit has on the community. Creating platforms where the public feels safe to speak and be heard, meet new people, and connect with one another in a fun way. As Sir Fruit shows care for the community through our campaigns messaging, a supportive environment is created, which ultimately helps everyone in the community.

In the collaborative group, my responsibilities encompassed conceptual development, creating Instagram filters for awareness, promtional video for advertising on social media platforms, as well as the manufacturing and design processes for the bench.

Softwares and Skills Used


  • Blender
  • Meta Spark
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe After Effects


  • AR development
  • Team collaboration
  • Project management
  • Technical design and manufacturing