Eskom and
Carling Black Label

Parody Adveryisement (Spoofing ad)

Objectives From The Brief

Create a spoof advertisement for a fictional product that satirizes or exaggerates common advertising techniques.

My Concept

Carling Black Label

Ranked as the fifth-highest alcohol-consuming country globally, South Africa has a penchant for beer, with Carling Black Label emerging as the beverage of choice. Notably brewed within the country, this beer brand markets itself as synonymous with 'a good time,' promoting its product as the choice of champions. However, a critical examination challenges this narrative. The headline, 'Blacking out is just the start,' employs motion-blurred typography to convey the disorienting experience of inebriation. This deliberate choice confronts the brand's assertion that blacking out equates to a good time, asserting that true champions do not endorse such behavior.


Building on a prior Design Culture ICE TASK in 2022, I've chosen to revisit the concept to address a persistent issue in South Africa – load shedding. This ongoing challenge has significantly impacted the nation for several years. In my revised approach, I seek to make a compelling social impact statement, acknowledging that this subject has been explored before. Utilizing a black background, my design aims to visually capture the essence of load shedding, with a candle serving as a poignant symbol of how people navigate their homes in the absence of electricity, relying on the soft glow of candlelight. The candle's flame strategically illuminates Eskom's logo. The chosen phrase, 'Powering the darkness,' is a deliberate and impactful commentary. It conveys the idea that instead of providing illumination to our homes, Eskom, in effect, is fueling the darkness, emphasizing the power deficit experienced during these challenging times.

Softwares and Skills Used


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop


  • Copywriting
  • Creativity: conceptual thinking and humour
  • Cultural awareness